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All of us in North Queensland will have a need for disposable food service and packaging products along with the basic cleaning products - We’ll need them to be readily available, locally, on time and at a price that makes it a financially rewarding exercise

Tropical Packaging Townsville has been established since 2007 as a locally owned and operated family business.

Supplying a truly local service of the highest quality for all your required disposable paper and plastic products to the food, catering, hospitality and retail industries and we can even assist with any or all of your clean-up requirements offering chemicals, utensils and cleaning accessories.

High quality supplies with a speedy turn-around has been the order of the day for our progressive company which boasts a thorough understanding of North Queenslander’s needs and has been established to service all these industries from The Whitsundays to the Cape and west to The Isa. As a value added bonus our local company offers an equally speedy wholesale delivery service throughout the Townsville city areas.

Buying locally, getting your goods on time at a price that is also truly local means that you can get on with what you do best, knowing that Tropical Packaging is always there and won’t let you down.

Remember, our local wholesale and retail supply centre will have available all the items needed for the disposable paper food packaging industry and can supply the highest quality cleaning chemical and cleaning products getting them to you fast, on time and on budget. Help your bottom line now by making all your buying decisions from our local team!

19 Oonoomba Road, Idalia QLD 4811 - P.O. Box 167 Hyde Park QLD 4812
Phone (07) 4778 4299 - Fax (07) 4778 4399 - email: info@tropicalpackaging.com.au

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