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When you need to package and present your products for sale and display, then we invite you to take a look at our comprehensive catalogues of all the products you’ll ever need…readily available locally!

At Townsville’s very own Tropical Packaging you’ll be able to make all your buying decisions around the following products from your locally owned wholesale and retail supplier.

See us for your requirements of:

Paper plates, paper cups, poly cups, straws, paper bags, take-away containers, trays, wrappings, disposable cutlery, napkins, boxes, industrial and janitorial products.

We supply an extensive range of the popular and proven products from “Australian Chemicals Pty Ltd”, which will cover all your cleaning and janitorial requirements.

Our commitment to you:

We can value add our services by continually upgrading our stock listing and adding new lines of products for you to enjoy. As a progressive company we are at the forefront of testing new products.

We can arrange custom printing of cups, bags or napkins, however minimum volumes will apply.

Contact us for a quote.

Remember, our local wholesale and retail supply centre will have available all the items needed for the disposable paper food packaging industry and can supply the highest quality cleaning chemical and cleaning products getting them to you fast, on time and on budget. Help your bottom line now by making all your buying decisions from our local team!

19 Oonoomba Road, Idalia QLD 4811 - P.O. Box 167 Hyde Park QLD 4812
Phone (07) 4778 4299 - Fax (07) 4778 4399 - email: info@tropicalpackaging.com.au

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